How to play WDYKT?

A few ground rules and guidelines.

Be there on time!

We start the sign up at the top of the hour. To keep things on schedule, be there at least 15 minutes early to secure your spot, and help us stay timely

Don't Shout Answers!

Remember that this is a competition. Shouting out answers, right or wrong, is not fair to other teams. We can have fun, and even enjoy some harmless heckling. Just keep those answers to yourselves.

It Doesn't Hurt to Try

Give your best guess! There are no negative points, so you might as well give it a guess!

No Cell Phones!

This is trivia, not research. Yes, we post the categories ahead of time, and yes you can study ahead of time if you choose. However, once the game starts, those things are out of play, and it is only what you have retained in your brain! Any teams using phones or outside materials will be deemed cheating, and could be eliminated from the competition.

Keep it small!

Teams can have up to 10 people per team. There are no exceptions. If you have more than that, you will be asked to split into smaller teams.

Spelling Doesn't Count

We know we took away your phones, and so you are without auto-correct. Plus, we assume there may be some drinking done. So do your best, and if we can recognize it for what it is, you may get the points!